Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nikon FE Rings My Bell

I have to admit that I'm enjoying my new Nikon FE.  Well, it isn't new of course - just new to me.  It, in fact, has a lot of brassing on the corners - proof of a long love affair with plenty of collaboration and dangling around someone's neck. It still works perfectly.  I like the size and the layout and the overall look.  It really rings my bell.  And it's own bell too, as it turns out.  My only qualm is that when the mirror slaps back down after an exposure there is the distinct sound of metal on metal inside a metal case.  In short, it sounds like a bell.  Didn't see anyone comment on that in the reviews.  Oh well, I suppose it doesn't matter much for the kind of photography I do.  Here are some pictures I've made on it using Tri-X film developed in D-76.

Seriously, Keep Out!

Coal Powered

Big Sandy Electric Power Plant (scheduled to close in 2015)
Downtown Prestonsburg, New Years Morning



  1. Good ones Jeff! Time to load some b&w film into my OM-2N again. But first I'll have to go through the rest of that Agfa color slide film which is in it right now.

  2. Lovely results so far, what are you rating the tri-x at? I never really liked Tri-x in 35mm until I discovered Xtol developer and downrated it at 200. so ei200 and xtol stock seem to do the trick for me, but ymmv.

    Get your hands on some Fuji Neopan Acros 100. simply gorgeous stuff.

    1. Thanks Neal! EI 200 in D-76 1:1. I have seen Mike Johnston write about how much he loves the combination at and other places numerous times over the years, so I gave it a try. I had used HP5+ at EI 400 in DD-X for a few years before and really liked it. I think the Tri-X in D-76 has a little better tonality, but that is a subjective judgment call. I do miss the extra stop of exposure from HP5+ and DD-X though. It is a more versatile combination I think, because you can push up to 1600 with DD-X, but this combination is working pretty well for me so far and covers most of the conditions I would shoot in anyhow.

  3. Hello Jeff, just wanted to tell you that I am eagerly awaiting more posts on your blog. Life and all its activities is of course always the most important, but your images from your area and thoughts on photography are worthwhile. More b&w images showing your capabilities with the Sigma DP2M would be much appreciated. And, as I said in a comment last autumn, your Kentucky is to me both exotic (in a good way) and a calm refuge (zen-like, to use a keyword from one of your recent posts) to look at and take in, considering all the visual pollution in other parts of the web. I guess I just want to say that I appreciate your posts and images very much, and I am certainly not wanting to put any pressure on you. All the best, Mattias (Stockholm, Sweden)


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